How digitized transcriptions have benefited society

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How digitized transcriptions have benefited society


The world and its societies have moved on and come a long way since the start of the last industrial revolution. During that time, while well-trained secretaries, personal assistants and fully qualified transcribers were busy taking dictation notes, usually in the form of short-hand learned at secretarial colleges and specialized communications classes, the age of the TV arrived. Resultantly, multimedia took off.

It helped to realize a growing demand for more information and there was a new sense of urgency to be realized in providing effective business to business and business to client communications. Suddenly, secretaries and transcribers could no longer keep up with the increased workloads, no matter how diligent and experienced they were. It did not necessarily mean, in fact it did not happen, that these fine men and women were about to become redundant once designers and technological innovators with sound and voice recognition came on board in positively responding to growing communications and consumer demands with the creation of their legendary digital transcription equipment.

Today’s best and most up to date digital sound and voice recognition apparatus come well supported with the latest software technologies. The results of using such digital and software technologies has been nothing but positive and its use also contributed effectively to the beginning of the latest industrial era popularly known as the internet of things. In a court of law, for instance, every shred of evidence is recorded.

Not a word is missed. Publishing houses, random or established, are better able to optimize and manage their increased workloads by using digital equipment to streamline their work processes. Multibillion dollar deals and important political summits are successfully concluded with the aid of transcription equipment where all important information and discussion details are soundly recorded.