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Zone-less and purposeful drones for all occasions


Welcome to the internet of things. Unless you have been sleeping under a rock for the last few years, you now know that military and security purpose drones have been around for a number of years. If you have been following the geopolitical news for at least the last ten, twelve years, you will also know that the last two US regimes have been making full use of these autonomous flying machines mainly in the interests of national security.

But with good cause, merit and in the interest of creating greater awareness and sensationalism, the media has highlighted the fact that these zones were being manipulated as verifiable killing machines. Those who may not be up to date with the news and the latest autonomous technologies that are taking the world by storm need to be reminded that such technologies and hardware and software technologies are not all that they have been made out to be in the negative light.

Government motivations for using drones can be discussed in another area. In this space, greater awareness needs to be created on how the use of agricultural, security and camera
are being used across all sectors, public, private and commercial for mostly positive reasons and to benefit both local and international societies. Even the great movie production houses are using drones to bring us bigger and broader pictures that were not possible before with handheld, land-bound and even aircraft or helicopter lifted cameras.

It is a clear case of the bigger picture being taken and a long-term view being taken in order to do things more sustainably, effectively and safely. And, indeed, it is also very much still a case of keeping communities, both local and abroad, safe.